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LocalWonders Travel is an entirely Italian organisation inspired by Andrea and Ismael’s passion for travel and for their beautiful country. On a full-moon night with a star-filled sky, Andrea and Ismael were enjoying a good glass of Barolo wine and talking about Italy’s many wonders and what a shame it is that so many visitors to Italy, miss the truly authentic side of those wonders.

They decided right then to begin exploring their country in earnest, with an eye towards creating travel experiences that would allow visitors to see Italy as they do – from fun and food to landscapes and art, relaxation, rejuvenation and adventure.

And soon, LocalWonders Travel was born!

Andrea and Ismael make up the core of the LocalWonders team of enthusiastic travel experts. They love discovering a quiet secret alleyway in a city centre as much as they enjoy happening upon a bustling urban street market or trekking a beautiful, natural landscape. They can never resist a hearty meal and glass of great wine, and they live for sharing a laugh with friends. Yes, they’re lucky: their job is their passion.

They have a local point of view and a place full of wonders, and now offer Italy travel experiences that allow their guests to embrace the hidden soul of their country.

Our Travel Philosophy

Travelling is the most wonderful way of discovering – both emotional and amusing. It opens new horizons, enriches us, and take us beyond our own imagination. To us, travelling is – above all – about understanding, exchange, respect and (of course!) having good time.

As travellers, we yearn to learn about the wonders and culture of a place, enjoy the flavours and scents it has to offer, and immerse ourselves into the local culture. This is why we organize small group trips (10 people at most), and plan tours that go at a leisurely pace, allowing lots of time for exploration and discovery.

In conjunction with local businesses, we strive to bring you supreme-quality services while supporting the local economy through our trips.


Hear from our guests!

What an experience, I had the most wonderful time. It felt that we got to see the heart of each place that we visited and we got a real feel for the true Italian culture. (Jennifer)How We Travel »
Nothing was ever too much trouble for Andrea. I can’t wait for my next trip to Italy and would gladly travel with Andrea again. Andiamo!!  (Robyn)Tour Director »
Ismael is such a warm and educated person, who made the whole trip a wonderful experience. Thank you very much! (Héctor)Why Travel With LocalWonders? »

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