This is Ismael & Andrea, Tour Leaders at LocalWonders Travel. Today we would like to share a great recipe we learnt in a cooking class with our fellow travelers during one of our Small Group Tours to Italy. Since then we can’t stop eating TIRAMISU! We love cooking it for us and our friends. In Italian TIRAMISU means “pick me up”, “cheer me up” or ”lift me up”. Indeed, eggs, coffee and cocoa are great energetic and tasty ingredients.
Christmas Markets
A thin layer of snow covers the town, bright lights of various shapes and colors illuminate the scene and wooden stalls decorated with pine branches, holly and multi-colored glass balls fill the town square. You can smell the mulling spices is in the air and you can hear a choir singing traditional songs. Welcome to the Christmas Markets!
Imagine a land suspended between the sea and the mountain, where the green and blue mingle together and where the landscape offers colourful houses, vertical vineyards and olive tree plantations. This land is Liguria, a half-moon shaped region of Italy, and it is where we will take you today for our traditional Italian recipe: Pesto Genovese.
Cantucci (o cantuccini) and vinsanto are one of the many reasons why you cannot help loving Tuscany. You can follow our easy recipe to make cantucci yourself and enjoy a delicious taste of Italy.
Italy History and Fun Facts - LocalWonders Travel
Studying history, art and culture in books is great, but there’s nothing like diving in to the real thing! Here are some fun facts about Italy – our Bel Paese – that you might not yet know!
Guided Tours of Italy Testimonials Review
Hear from our guests! What LocalWonders Travel clients say about our small group trips to Italy. Spoiler Alert: They give us an A+ for our authentic and exciting Italy experiences.
Small Group Trips to Italy | LocalWonders
It’s often said that good things come in small packages – and it’s true! – for both holiday gifts and for group tours. At LocalWonders Travel, we pride ourselves on the intimate size of our group trips to Italy. In many ways, booking with us is like opting for a boutique shopping experience instead of a mega-mall.
Bonassola vineyard
Bonassola is a little village just a seven-minute train ride from Cinque Terre, but without the crowds. Tucked in between the sea and the mountains, it is home to Ca’ du Ferrà a truly spectacular vineyard that is resurrecting a wine that has been lost for centuries.
A visit to the Sassi is a must for anyone who wants an authentic experience of this region of the Mediterranean. The artwork and architectural embellishments are awe-inspiring.
Langhe Hills Getaway Tour
The rolling countryside of the Langhe Hills in Northern Italy is incredible. This stunning landscape also produces some of the world’s best wine, hazelnuts, cheese, and truffles. Especially when you know where to look!
limoncello is made from delicious Amalfi lemons
Nothing is more refreshing after a meal than sipping a deliciously tart Italian Limoncello. You’ll need to come to Italy to taste a truly authentic Limoncello, but we’re sharing Nonna’s own recipe so you can get a taste of this Italian treat at home.
If you want to experience Venice like a local, you need to walk around the city. As you make your way along the paths the locals take to work and home, there are three Italian words you will grow to love, we promise! These three words we want to teach you are: bacaro, cicchetti and ombra.
With Mario’s expert guidance, you’ll explore Portovenere from the sea while he regales you with stories about this incredible region of Italy. The itinerary includes seeing the secret caves of Palamria Island and exploring little inlets that are accessible by boat only.

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